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believe in the power of your crazy ideas

Is your idea too impossible to be real? So crazy it might actually work? Your idea is perfect.

If you see yourself wondering “wouldn’t it be crazy if…” You’re our type of people. Let’s work on your crazy ideas and see what happens when they become real.


THe dwimes difference

Our Programs

DWimeS is subdivided in 4 different programs all working together for a common goal: your success.
-Little Island Bakery
-Creatively Possible
-Small Business Consulting
-DWimeS Corporate

About Us

Our mission is simple: We believe in the power of crazy ideas and we want to help you make them a reality.
DW Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship Society: a woman-owned small business established to help other small business owners discover the power of their ideas.

Work with us

Whether you are starting or a few steps forward, you can also make a real difference. We love to collaborate with incredible people who also believe in the possibilities ahead. If you have a product or service that could benefit small businesses owners, let's chat.


DWimeS subdivisions can help you in every step of your process. From design, planning, gifts, marketing, and others. We've got you covered!


A great place to work for from the comfort of your home. We love to offer opportunities to parents and caregivers. Our Flexible Remote positions are the perfect balance between your work duties and your household chores.

Find out how you can join our team by visiting our Talent Center.

getting started

Whether you are starting or a few steps forward, we can show you where to go next.

Let's talk about your idea and your vision and what are the steps to follow to make it a plan.

Let's talk about what matters

You’ve worked a lot on your business idea. Let us help with the logistics and you can work on what matters most…your business.

Web & Graphic design

No matter how good you are at something a designer makes you better. From landing pages, e-commerce, WordPress websites, to marketing graphic design services...

Logo and brand strategy

Your brand is your face to the world. Let us help you tell your story.

Stationery and apparel design

Invitations, booklets, postcards, flyers, team shirts, and more. Customized to your business needs. Design printing and fulfillment. Large selection of materials to choose from.

and so much more...

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Platforms we work well with:

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Hosting we recommend:

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service beyond the office wall

Your business matters a lot and you know you need help but can’t afford to have someone come to the office everyday. A virtual assistant is one message away for when you need them the most.

Our DWimeS Small Business Consultant can offer:

Online business management

A virtually accessible business manager with experience in startups, business budgeting, analysis, engagement, professional development, HR, Planning, social media, e-commerce, workflows, funnels and business intelligence. Creating user-friendly solutions for your online business. You have questions...we have the answers.

Business plan design and creation

And idea is idea! a Plan makes it a real. Let us help with creating and designing the action plan to make sure your idea becomes a reality.

data entry and power point

Not your typical Data Entry expert. With extensive knowledge on common and unique applications tailored to your business needs. Creating unique Power Point presentations that will amaze your audience and easily align with your brand message.

Course and curriculum design

Instructional design is not only for teachers, but for everyone who wants to create a great learning experience. New hire? Explain a business process in detail? We got you covered!

Training and professional development

We also offer courses and workshops specially designed for small, large business and government agencies.

And so much more...

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service for your corporate needs

Your business matters a lot and you know you need help but can’t afford to have someone come to the office everyday. A virtual assistant is one message away for when you need them the most.

Our DWimeS Corporate team can offer:

Corporate gifts

From thoughtful client gifts, employee recognition, certificates, baskets, flowers and more, you can trust us to help your business stand out.

Event / conference management

Let us worry about the planning, setup and logistics so you can focus on what you do enjoy. Events we are good at: trade-shows, conferences, fairs, meetings, celebrations, webinars, courses, and small gatherings.

travel arrangement

Business or leisure travel? Let us arrange all of the details and you can focus on packing your bags and enjoy your trip. Hotel reservation, rental car, flight selection and activities are some of the great things we can help you with.

proposal writing

How to share your business idea with others? We have the answer. Let's work together to create a business proposal you will feel proud of sharing.

employee on-boarding

Get them started with the right tools. Motivation is always the key to success and your business culture should be your more important asset. Let them know how happy you are to have them and what the next steps are with custom, tailored employee onboarding materials and gifts.

And so much more...

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adding a sweet touch

Your business is as important as your business relationships. Empower your business with baked goods specially designed with you in mind. The perfect size and look for all your business needs.

Our Little Island Bakery can offer:

event "sweets table" catering

Your corporate events does need a little sweetness. Let us design a "sweets table" that pairs well with your brand and will give everyone something to talk about.

breakfast catering

Don't let that meeting at 8am discourage you! Have us cater your specially selected breakfast. Choose from bagels, doughnuts, muffins, pancakes, waffles, fruits and a great selection of breakfast items.

personalized edible gifts

Cookies with your company logo, cupcakes with your brand colors or flavors to match your style. Everything you need to make a beautiful impression.

birthdays and celebrations

Employee recognition, event or birthday coming up? Our edible one-of-a-kind gifts add the perfect touch of "congratulations" and "thank you".

Team building activities

Have you ever tried baking together? Build all of the skills your team needs with all of the fun included. Healthy competition with professional development in mind.

And so much more...

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Our motto

You are one step away from a big idea

Nobody said it was easy, but don’t be afraid of new beginnings. We’re here to help.

Start now

How to start?

⭐ Click on the button to book a call with me and/or my team.

⭐ We will go through your process and find out what you need the most.

⭐ We’ll come up with a solution and we’ll help you implement it.

⭐ We’ll cheer you all the way throughout the process.

⭐ We’ll become partners and learn from each other and hopefully you’ll love us so much you’ll stay.

We are here to help!

Go ahead! We are real people!…and we were also afraid of the phone for quite sometime.

businesses we are proud to work with:


Carmen Moctezuma CEO at Artesanías Moctezuma & Farmasi Beauty Influencer

She is amazing! Love her excellent ideas, she helped me with my designs for my craft page Artesanías Moctezuma’s on FB. I do recommend her, no words can express my gratitude toward her work. Simply I love how she works.


C. Altman CEO at Cookies by Coco

Denisse was AMAZING in helping create my logo! She listened to everything I wanted and went above and beyond! I would recommend her to everyone!!!! She also thought of things I never would have and added that extra something! She’s so sweet and I’m so glad I randomly found her in a business group page!!


Greatlany Vazquez CEO at Great Creations PR


Prof. Wilma Moctezuma Professor at Escuela Jesús Sanabria Cruz

Denisse is amazing and her works are unique! She helped me design my book, my e-learning platform and my classroom materials.

Still not convinced?

While we may try to persuade you that this is a great idea, it is you and your team who should decide when to proceed. We are here (and hopefully not going anywhere in a while).

If you are open to a friendly discussion that could answer your questions please use the button below to chat with us. 

We are not salespeople, while we are great at it, we are here for building relationships and if anything draw you to our page, we want to make sure we provide you with everything you’ve been looking for. Go ahead! We are real people!…and we were also afraid of the phone for quite sometime.

So far we have helped
Help us keep these numbers growing!

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